"Patsy Oda's fascinating story will touch your heart. Heart's Desire will bless and encourage every reader. I thank God for Patsy's devotion to Him and willingness to share her life with others."

"What a great little book in a day of relativity! It shows that when you trust in God's absolutes, you are clearly the winner."

"Before we knew each other, my husband and I both read Heart's Desire and decided to let God choose our mates. Months later. God brought us together. We've now been happily married for twenty-two years."

"A captivating romance story that underlines God's personal interest in our daily lives, and even more so in eternal souls."

"I became a Christian at seven years of age. My “heart's desire” is to share the love of Jesus Christ with everyone I meet. Patsy Oda's book clearly demonstrates the Bible’s gospel message along with answers to many of life’s questions about relationships and marriage.
I have been married for 44 years. My husband and I are romantics and have read Heart's Desire together many times. We never tire of hearing how God joined Patsy and Walter together in Holy Matrimony! What Jesus did for Walter and Patsy, He can do for you, too!"

"Heart's Desire is a captivating story that explains simply God's love for us and His redemption through a wonderful true love story. It is an intriguing story that you will not want to put down."