“Heart’s Desire” by Patsy Oda

Welcome to the website of the second edition of “Heart’s Desire” by Patsy Oda, published by Xulon Press in October 2013. “Heart’s Desire” was originally published by Tyndale House in 1988 and translated into six foreign languages. It is currently being made into a Christian film (film website: https://www.heartsdesirefilm.com).

When God called Patsy to write something that clearly explained who Jesus is, she assumed it was going to be a simple essay that would take her no more than a couple of months to write. However, it took the next ten years of constant writing and rewriting before God finally told her that “it is finished!” What started out as a sterile biography about Jesus evolved into an autobiography of the reality of Jesus in Patsy’s life, including letters that led her unbelieving prospective husband step by step to salvation in Christ.

“Heart’s Desire” is a compelling love story between Patsy and God, and how He miraculously brought her long-awaited husband to her.

Over the last 25 years since “Heart’s Desire” was first published, thousands of copies have been given away as a “witnessing tool” to tell unbelievers who Jesus is and how they can know Him personally!

Synopsis of the book

“Heart’s Desire” is a true story and delightful, supernatural romance that shows God’s faithfulness to a Japanese-American child named Patsy, isolated in a Buddhist community.

As Patsy grows up, she yearns for a husband to share her faith, but it seems an impossible prayer. However, God works the impossible through the improbable. What follows is a saga that is complicated, humorous, and deliciously fulfilling to the ultimate meeting of minds and hearts.